About Us

The Net Zero Impact Story

Net Zero Impact LLC is made up of a unique blend of experts in solar engineering and experienced entrepreneurs who know how to partner with customers to help them achieve their goals. Each and every person at Net Zero Impact is passionate about how alternative-energy technologies, especially solar, can improve our lives. And we all know that the best solutions will be both good for the planet and make sense for our customers' bottom lines.

Net Zero Impact was founded in 2007. The Net Zero Impact focus is centered in renewable energy system integration and project development. The company's goal is to provide commercial building systems with a versatile and sustainable energy solution that make sense for businesses in the Pacific Northwest environment. The partnership with Kingspan Renewables and Kingspan Solar has been instrumental in achieving that goal.

Net Zero Impact's dedicated team of experts and partners is capable of helping its customers completely manage an A-to-Z process for designing and installing an integrated Net Zero Impact solution.