Does Solar only work when the sun is shining?
Thermomax solar vacuum tubes work all year round and even in winter it will help to give you hot water because vacuum tubes absorb energy efficiently in all different weather conditions.

Where are the panels fitted?
Ideally to a south facing roof or slight deviations of about 30-40 degrees from that. The inclination/pitch of the collector is equal to the geographical latitude. So if you live at 45 degrees latitude north the ideal pitch is about 45 degrees. Once again slight deviations are not a problem and will only slightly affect the solar yield.

What are the savings?
Up to 70% of your annual hot water and/or heating cost. Over time your savings will increase as the price of oil, natural gas and electricity increase.

Do I need planning permission?
Normally only if the building is in a conservation area/listed building or under construction - but you should check with your local planning office. Our panels are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

What does installation involve?
Thermomax collectors are light and modular and can usually be installed in one day. They easily attach to your existing structure with a provided roof kit.

Do the evacuated tubes break easily?
The tubes are routinely tested to withstand a load of 1,102 lbs per square meter. This is approximately 5 times the minimum load requirement of Solar Keymark and the SRCC. The tubes are also independently tested to withstand hail impact tests using a 1-inch hail ball fired at a tube at 50 MPH.

What maintenance is required?
No collector maintenance is required. The glass tubes are round and perfectly smooth. They allow air to circulate around them and will not trap moisture or debris. A system check by a professional every 3-5 years is sufficient. Net Zero Impact provides this system check for free for the life of the system.

Is there a solar system suitable for use on a large-scale commercial building?
The collectors can be integrated with your existing system to provide hot water throughout the building for domestic hot water purposes and heating. In fact, anywhere that large quantities of hot water are needed such as hospitals, hotels, schools and breweries are all great candidates for solar thermal technology from Net Zero Impact.

Is it possible to store heat gained?
Yes, the heat is stored in a single or twin coil solar tank usually for domestic hot water. However, the stored energy can also be used for space heating or to heat a swimming pool. It is also possibly to combine the different applications.

Can I combine solar thermal with heat pumps, other renewable and radiant floor?
Yes, Thermomax collectors can be used with all forms of traditional or renewable heating systems without any difficulty, even if it means working at higher temperatures. Radiant floor applications work extremely well when used with a Thermomax system.

What happens when I go on vacation?
A well-designed system and sized solar system should provide you with the right amount of hot water for your household requirements. Even when going on vacation the system will still work, feeding the energy into your hot water tank. The system is self-regulating so there is nothing to worry about.